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Use your computer as a phone to eliminate call charges. Because a pc is not primarily built as a phone there are some issues that deserve your attention. This to ensure good sound quality of the session for your self and other participants.

Important hints

Using a PC as a phone is a new technical development. Please note the following:

  • web-Phone works with Firefox and Chrome web browsers only (both are available free for Windows, Apple and Linux)
  • The sound of your PC speakers can be transmitted back into the session through your microphone and experienced as an annoying echo. Turn the volume lower or, even better, use headphones
  • During the creation the connection you may be asked for permission to use your microphone.
  • To prevent echo turn off your microphone when you are not speaking. In addition background noise from your place are not audible to the other participants.

Costs of web-Phone

For Web-Phone lines there are no calling charges for the participant nor for the organizer.

Use headphones or a headset!

We strongly recommend to use a headset or headphones. The sound from your pc-speakers could be fed back to the session through you microphone resulting in an annoying echo.

De kracht van een teleseminar of webinar
Prevent echo: use a headset or headphones